Chinese New Year 2018 Two Day Self-Defense Intensive Training




Have you thought about what to do during your Chinese New Year holiday yet?? Why don’t you learn all you can in two days on how to protect yourself and your love ones?

In this first ever 2 day INTENSIVE self-defense course by our Hong Kong Expert 2 Director Derek Poon (THE HIGHEST RANK IN HK), you will learn all the basics skills you need!

During the course, you will learn at least all but not limited to the followings:

  • How to avoid a sexual harassment & attacks
  • Defense against knife attacks
  • Defense against punches & chokes standing & on the ground
  • How to get up fast while being attack on the ground
  • How to stop bullies

Derek will teach you as much as you can within two days so you can raise your awareness and be more confident. This course will include a participation certificate and an IKMF Hong Kong Tee. Find out more…


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