❌The 5 Most Costly Mistakes In Learning Self-Defense – How Many Are You Making Right Now/have you made?
⚠️⚠️⚠️Why is the self-defense skill not working? Be aware of these 5 common mistakes:
📹Learning From Youtube Without Regular Training
We all love YouTube. Youtube provides one of the best learning platforms for us. Many try to learn self-defense from it, in fact it is VERY dangerous. Without knowing the instructor’s background and proper practice, you may get injured easily and put yourself in danger while not being supervised. You never know how many years of practice he/she put into the skills he learned to show you how to do it.
📚Memorizing Skills
Our daily/weekly practice is meant to train you muscle memory. Let’s be honest, the real situation is always chaotic and sudden. It’s difficult to recall the “right” skill out of 453 choices UNDER stress.
That’s why in Krav Maga, we memorize principle, not skill. For example, when one got pushed from behind, the first reaction is to protect the head, whatever skill that can do.
🚘Lack of Fitness Training
Fitness = Fighting(FIT) Necessity(NESS)
Without fitness training, a skillful fighter is like a Ferrari with a 1L fuel tank – it can’t go far.
Remember fitness is your fuel to perform the skill. And that’s why fitness training is an essential part of our all of our lessons.
🤼Training Only With The Same Opponent
In a real situation, attackers can be taller, shorter, bigger, skinnier, stronger than you. Do you know what I mean? You need to practice with different people to test your ability and skill level.
We only have a few seconds to react in a real fight. The more preparation we do in training, the higher the chance we’ll be able to escape.
🥋Training Easily
“Train easy, fight hard. Train hard, fight easy.”
Self-defense is all about practicing muscle memory. Sequentially you’ll have the instinct to survive in attacks.
When ups train regularly, even if you skip the training for two weeks, you should still be able to remember what you need to do when you are in a bad situation.
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