Informed Consent Form 訓練同意書

Personal Training Program/Group Class Training

  1. Clients under no circumstances hold OPS or HKSMFP, its management and/or its staff responsible for any claims, demands, damages, losses, loss of profit or business, actions or legal proceedings due to death, injury, loss, damage or theft to a client’s person or property arising out of, or in connection with, the use by him/her of any of the services, facilities or premises of the gym (save in respect of death or personal injury arising out of the negligence of the company, its management and their staff employed to supervise the gym) ;
    客戶在此保證(除了因OPS 或 HKSMFP 教練疏忽的情況下引致)關於使用本公司設施或服務後引致 的任何事情包括(但不限於)死亡、受傷、失去財物等等,在其他任何情況下不會向“OPS” 或 “HKSMFP”,其管理人士及員工(包括教練) 作出任何追究/索償;
  2. In case Personal Training clients want to change the already-booked time slot, they should notify our trainer/staff ONE day/24hrs before the booked session to avoid inconvenience to other clients. That session will be fully charged if we have not received the cancellation ONE day/24hrs before the booked session, no matter the reason of cancellation;
    個人訓練需24 小時前取消服務:客戶保證如需取消已預約好的訓練,當必須在24 小時前通知本 公司或教練,如通知時間少於24 小時,不論原因該堂會收取一堂之費用;
  3. Clients should be responsible for their own safety and that of their personal belongings during the usage of the gym. Clients are strongly advised to seek advices from their physicians before starting any exercise programs, and give those advices to our trainers before starting;
    客戶在訓練其間必需時刻保持警覺並小心自己的安全及財物,本公司強烈建議客戶在開始訓練前 向本身的醫學顧問/私人醫生諮詢運動建議,然後把這些建議給我們的教練作參考/指引用;
  4. Clients should understand that all training has its risk on death/injury, and that our company/staff/trainer do not guarantee the effectiveness of our personal training program due to individual differences. Clients should stop exercise immediately and seek medical help if they find our training program not suitable for them;
    客戶需明白任何訓練均有受傷及死亡之風險,並且本公司/員工/教練不會保證任何訓練計劃之成 效,客戶如感到訓練計劃有任何地方不適合自己,應立即停止及尋求醫學建議;
  5. Clients should understand that this is Physical Training NOT Physiotherapy so they may not be able to claim through insurance unless their insurance company would accept them to do so;
    客戶明白這是私人教練課堂,並非物理治療,所以除非客戶本身的保險公司容許,否則客戶應不 能以本公司單據向保險公司索償;
  6. Clients would have to pay for any damages or loss of property of any of the gym facilities which has been caused directly (but not necessary solely) by the client (except that is due to the ignorance of our staff);
    客戶在此保證如因客戶本身(就算未必完全是客戶的責任)引致使用的設備或場內的地方任何損壞 或遺失,除非是完全因為本公司/員工/教練之疏忽引致,否則客戶需視乎情況負責賠償部份/全部 財物之損壞或遺失;
  7. Female clients have to confirm that you are not currently pregnant before starting the class or training. If you are pregnant, please inform our instructor immediately.
  8. I agree “OPS “ or “HKSMFP” to have the ownership of photos and video that shows my image, those photos and videos will only be used for course promotion.
    我同意香港運動醫學教練有限公司或 OPS 於是次活動中擁有本人在內的照片或影片的使用權。 此照片或影片只會用作課程宣傳用途。
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