The most frequently asked questions answered here for your convenience. If you have additional inquries, please email us.

Who and where are the classes?
For adults, there are 8 Krav Maga classes that are taught by IKMF Asia & Hong Kong Director Derek Poon himself across both locations at TST & Sheung Wan. He is the highest level (Expert 2) instructor in Hong Kong and also among all the Chinese in the World. Aside from Derek, we also have 8 other classes taught by our other amazing instructors called the Elite team who’s level ranges from G1 to G5. We also teach at Eliment Fitlax in CWB once per week. For kids and juniors, we have 8 classes across both locations as well as various ESF campuses.
How much does the course cost?
We have many different pricing structures. Please or what’sapp us for pricing.
Form of payment: Cash/Cheque/TT/PayMe/Alipay/WeChat Pay/Octopus
Is there any trial lesson?
We offer trial class for $180, you can book them directly on our website.
When and where does the course take place?
Please what’sapp us for the latest schedule.
Please find our centers address below:

TST address :
16/F, Cheuk Nang Centre, 9 Hillwood Road, TST, Kowloon
Nearby Parking: BP international

Sheung Wan Address:
14/Fl, Connaught Harbourfront House,
35-36 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan HK
Nearby parking: Shun Tak Center Parking or Rumsey street public parking

Who is suitable to learn Krav Maga?
Age 5 and above.
How many levels are there in Krav Maga? How do I advance?
There are 16 levels in Krav Maga (P1-E6), there will be a grading test from time to time, and you may advance if you pass the grading test after being tested by our Israeli G.I.T. or our Hong Kong Director or instructors.
Are there kid’s classes? Are there junior’s classes?
Yes, the kids class is suitable for children from the age of 5 to 9 years old. The junior class is suitable for teens from the age of 10 to 15 years old. Please what’sapp us for the latest schedule.
What language is being conducted during the class?
All of our instructors speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin to fits everyone’s need.
How are the classes like?
Our class size is different every week, it depends on the sign up. Most of the Elite instructors class would have 2 to 8 students while Derek’s class would have 3 to 16 people. We suggest you to come to class at least once a week. Krav maga is not something you can pick up overnight; you need to keep practicing in order to use the skill when you really need to.
If I have not learnt Krav Maga before, should I start from the beginner level?
Yes, we suggest everyone to start from the beginner level (P0 to get to P1).
What is the difference between women Krav Maga and normal class?
We will provide more practical solutions and teach you how to respond. The class is suitable for those who would like to learn different skills for survival, particularly for those who travel frequently or preparing to study abroad.
How long would it take for me to master the skills?
It is different for everyone. We recommend everyone to come at least once per week. If you practice weekly, you will be able to pick it up quickly.
What do I need to prepare for the course?
We suggest you to wear comfortable sportswear and indoor running shoes during the class. If you don’t have indoor running shoes, you can do it with barefoot as the classes are taken on a mat area. And a water bottle, we have water to refill.
What is the venue like?
There are sanitized towels, shower, water to refill you bottles, even fruits to refill your energy!
How to contact for more information?
For further enquiries, please what’s app 59874565 or email us or whats’app us ‬‬‬‬‬‬